Blog readers : where are they coming from, d’où viennent-ils, les lecteurs de blogs ?


I have no  way to know where exactly my readers  live, nor who they are as their comments are scarcely left. However, I wish there was only one, I would enjoy keeping on blogging. Virginia Woolf  never wrote to seduce , as she said. I really like her aphorism,  that I had to comment long ago in my highschool times. Writing is to me kind of a necessity, the very  way to feature my thought,  and also to answer The question « What have you done of your talent ? », as it is about the only one thing I can do, that I am very pleased to share on here.

In that big ocean of words, it is just so amazing to be once  found.

Thank you for your visit !

Merci à tous mes lecteurs !